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Hi, my English level falls nothing short of a highly-educated native speaker and I understand anything and everything a native English speaker does, from LIVE, again LIVE news channels like CNN and Fox news to live American/Canadian radio channels and programs, podcasts, interviews, audiobooks, books of any kinds and subjects, IELTS, TOEFL, and so forth. I have an excellent command of English and my English level is, perhaps, several notches above anyone you have ever talked to, including your IELTS teachers. How many people in Iran can listen to LIVE CNN or a LIVE interview and tell you what is said in them, every single word as they talk in real time!? I know how to write an academic essay at the North American university level (the level of essay writing you are supposed to master and write as a university student in North America), which is higher or at least equivalent to a band 9 essay in IELTS. I may come across as being arrogant, overconfident, or even delusional for talking about my English that way. You might take it with a grain of salt. What I am saying is, nevertheless, true and you will figure it out after hearing me and talking to me for a few minutes. I am neither an English teacher nor an English-speaking partner, however, I have helped many people with English, ranging from upper-intermediate English learners to advanced IELTS and TOEFL teachers. From my experience, 99% of people who think they are upper-intermediate or advanced English speakers are, in fact, pre-intermediate, or at best intermediate English learners. In order to avoid confusion, I need to make a few things clear: I have my own career - it has nothing to do with English or teaching English. I am NOT an English learner, but a fluent English speaker and have NO intention of improving my English or charging people for teaching them English. I find it INTERNALLY REWARDING to share what I know (English) with people in my free time.